okido yoga

Junko Maria Furugori

Okido Yoga is a holistic, dynamic and meditative form of yoga developed by the Japanese master Masahiro Oki. His teachings bring together his deep understanding of the human body and mind through his wide study and experience of both western and eastern religious, philosophical and medical traditions.

The physical aspect of the yoga practice is designed to benefit people within the context of modern daily life. As well as modified versions of classical asanas it includes corrective exercises to address physical distortions, and strengthening exercises to encourage a strong ‘hara’ (centre of gravity) which all work to deepen our connection with our whole being, our Life Force.

Class content will vary from class to class but will typically begin with a warm-up and lead-up to asana practice emphasising the importance of co-ordinating awareness, movement and breath at all times. Classes always end with a relaxation.

My aim as a teacher is the same as my aim as a holistic health therapist: to support people in feeling their best, at one with themselves and flowing with Life. Through attending my classes, I would like people to connect with their inner peace and joy, their Life Force, and gain the many physical, mental and spiritual health benefits that come with this unification.


I have been practising yoga for 30 years and have never found a class I enjoy as much as Junko’s. She is extremely knowledgable, and her classes are always varied and interesting. I leave her classes with a great sense of well-being.

S. Wilson

From the moment I attended Junko’s first class I felt safe and reassured and I experienced a remarkable understanding of the movements. Immediately I learnt how to respect my body and develop my awareness of my body limitations, my strengths and breathing. Thank you Junko for being an inspiration and a remarkable teacher.


I had never done yoga before, but was always keen to try it and I really liked the practice of Okido yoga. It has helped my flexibility and strengthened my core and you have a real sense of well being after completing a class, so it’s great for the mind too. Junko is a very good teacher and always runs the classes at a good pace with clear instructions to ensure you can follow the routines.

Laura Stepney