Reflexology has certainly been a huge benefit to my lifestyle. This is really all due to the treatment I have received from Junko. I could not be without my fortnightly sessions. Junko you are really a great help and I wouldn’t be without your expertise.

– Anne H

I have been seeing Junko for just over two years for face and foot reflexology. I find it very relaxing and helpful with dealing with any physical or emotional problems that I may have. I would rather visit Junko than go to my GP as I find it more beneficial.

I would highly recommend Junko for not only reflexology, but also for reiki, her friendliness, her flexibility with appointments and the good advice that she gives for maintaining a healthy lifestyle and wellbeing.

– Natasha

I’ve been receiving reflexology and reiki treatments from Junko for over 8 years and for me, her magic touch continues to work as it did on the first day. They have been difficult years due to my health but being able to count on the calm and relaxation I gained from the treatments has helped me through them.

– Manolo P

I have been receiving reflexology treatments from Junko for a number of years now and can highly recommend to anyone seeking total relaxation. I found the treatment has helped a number of health conditions I was expereincing and I also find it a great way to unwind and destress. Junko always makes you feel very comfortable and I am convinced she has magic fingers.

– Laura Stepney

From my first facial reflexology treatment 6 years ago I was truly taken with how deeply relaxing it was. Working in a highly stressful job I was looking for a treatment that would help me relax and be of benefit to my health. I found the treatments helped to calm and focus my mind, and Junko was able to give me insight to areas of my body/health that I needed to pay more attention to. I highly recommend facial reflexology, pregnancy reflexology and foot reflexology, all three have helped me at different times. Junko is an amazingly inspirational person and I thank her for introducing me to these wonderful treatments which are an excellent way to maintain health, balance, and well being in my life.

– Amy