about junko

Based in West London, Junko has been developing her practice as a holistic therapist since 2001, first qualifying in foot reflexology. In 2011 she embarked upon her journey as a yoga teacher after completing a 4-year Okido Yoga teacher training course.
Her interest in the healing arts and yoga began at a young age while growing up in Japan within a family that embraced these for their health and well-being. It was after experiencing first-hand their effectiveness in overcoming a period of ill health that she decided to go into training.

Alongside her work as a therapist, she has many years of experience working with wholefood, organic and macrobiotic foods. She is a firm believer in the healing power of wholefoods and has a passion for cookery, having studied with several respected teachers. She is qualified to teach Natural Nutrition and Life Energetics having completed an advanced training course with Montse Bradford Bort in Barcelona, Spain.

She applies an intuitive and caring approach to her practice, drawing from all her training and experience with the aim to effectively support each individual client and student to feel their best – at one with themselves and flowing with life.



The eighth element represents oxygen, one of the signatures of Planet Earth, prana, or breath, which is the essence of our life force.

Eighth Element Healing is the name for Junko’s vision of a collective of individuals working together to widen the reach of the healing arts, sharing the philosophy that, in our modern world, healing is as essential as breathing for health and for the fulfillment of our human potential.

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