natural cookery

The father of western medicine, Hippocrates, is known for proclaiming, “Let Food be Thy Medicine and Medicine Thy Food”. Of course, in his time over two millennia ago, food was closer to its natural state, free from pesticides and chemical additives, and slowly cooked. Today, we are spoilt for choice, both for the healthy and not so healthy foods.

What is healthy? Of the many schools of thought that exist, Eighth Element Healing embraces the ones that offer an understanding of the subtle energy of foods (beyond their measurable nutritional properties) and their effect on human health, while respecting the quality of life of other animals and considering environmental impact. The approach is holistic, drawing on the time-tested wisdom of the ancient eastern tradition yet taking into account the differing needs of westerners and modern day living.

Every food has an energetic signature and each cooking method produces an energetic effect. Working with this knowledge in the kitchen produces alchemical results.

The natural cookery Junko practices centres around the use of whole foods Рvegetables, grains, legumes, sea vegetables, nuts, seeds and fruits Р(organic, seasonal and locally sourced whenever possible) as well as traditionally produced vegetarian proteins, pickles, oils and condiments. She draws inspiration from her lifelong love of food and cooking, her own healing journey, which led her to embark upon study, and her many years of working in the natural food industry.

Learning how to use whole food ingredients to create nutritious, tasty and satisfying meals provides a powerful key to balancing health on a daily basis.


  • Cooking for retreats and special occasions
  • One-one cookery lessons
  • Recipe development for food businesses

Please enquire about any of the above.